Heart Week 2014!

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Source: Heart Foundation website

Source: Heart Foundation website

The Heart Foundation is holding its annual Heart Week event, from Sunday 4 May to Saturday 10 May. Australians are encouraged to learn the warning signs of a heart attack and reduce their risk of having one during Heart Week.

Heart Foundation’s NSW CEO, Ms Kerry Doyle said each year around 55,000 Australians suffer a heart attack.

“Sadly around 10,000 Australians die of a heart attack every year and thousands more risk permanent heart damage or disability because they didn’t seek medical help quickly enough,” said Ms Doyle.

First sign of a heart to many people is a crushing chest pain. Other warning signs may include pain, pressure, heaviness or tightness in one or more parts of the upper body (chest, neck, jaw, arm(s), shoulder(s) or back) in combination with other symptoms of nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness or a cold sweat.

Let’s all learn the symptoms of a heart attack and reduce the risk of having one from Kerry Doyle:

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