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Directed by: John Pilger

Directed by: John Pilger

The Cabramatta Amnesty Group held a screening of John Pilger’s film ‘Utopia’ last Saturday, April 26 at the Hilda M.Davis Centre. Ray Jackson from the Indigenous Social Association who won the French 2013, Laureate Award on Human Rights attended the event. Lily Arthur from the Origins NSW, Wendy Morgan from the Aboriginal women group in Fairfield and Sabina Kacha from the Amnesty International Redfern Action Group also attended the screening.

‘Utopia’, from the Bafta and Emmy Award winning director John Pilger, draws on his long association with the first people of his homeland Australia. The film is both a portrayal of the oldest continuous human culture, and an investigation into a suppressed colonial past and rapacious present. One of the world’s best-kept secrets is revealed against a background of the greatest boom in mineral wealth. Has the ‘lucky country’ inherited South African apartheid?

The film is both a personal journey and a universal story of power and resistance and how modern societies can be divided between those who conform and a dystopian world of those who do not conform. Utopia draws on people and places. Pilger first filmed 28 years ago during his long association with the indigenous people of his homeland. The evidence he produces is often deeply moving and shocking. The film has been named among the top five films of 2013.

“When I watched Utopia for the first time, I was moved to tears. Three times. This film has reminded me that the great advantages I enjoy today – as a footballer and Australian of the Year – are a direct result of the struggles and sacrifices of the Aboriginal people who came before me. Utopia honours these people, so I think the very least I can do is honour Utopia and the people who appeared in it and made it”, said Adam Goodes.

I spoke to Sabina about the organisations she’s involved with and about the future screenings of the film.

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