Taking Care of Home.

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On Tuesday we celebrated our second birthday at 161 Bigge Street Liverpool. Most members were surprised that two years had passed. The fact that we will eventually own the studios means that we need to take ownership of household chores.

There are some people who regularly vacuum, take the rubbish out, tidy up and wash the cups. Others make the rubbish, leave the rubbish and abandon dirty cups.

As part of our WH&S discussions at the Members’ Meeting on Monday night the importance of good housekeeping was emphasised. It was also pointed out that electricity and fluids do not mix, the reason why we do not allow food and drink in the studios….ever. It was pointed out that people leave the chair to go to the toilet and they can leave the studio to get a drink or refreshments.

We have had food in the panels…………a thing of the past we hope.