2014 Fairfield Sports Achiever of the Year – Stefan Pupovac

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0123 Aust Day Awards_01Stefan is a talented athlete who has competed in a wide variety of sports with high levels of achievement. Outside of school, Stefan competes in basketball as part of the Oblic Club, playing in centre and point guard positions. He combines his sporting ability with strong leadership skills.

Last year, Stefan was approached by scouts for the Greater Western Sydney Giants.
He has held four captaincies at school including: Bill Turner Cup Soccer Team, Open Boys’ Soccer Team, Under-15 Boys’ Basketball, and Boys’ Under-15 AFL Team.

Stefan is the vice-captain of an open boys’ basketball team and, in 2012, he received the Cabramatta High School Sports Boy of the Year award.

He has also made strong contributions to community and school programs, which include
Peace Day, mentoring young students in sporting programs and he coaches younger students at Cabramatta West Public School and Cabramatta High School.

Listen to my interview with Sefan Here:

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