The Baderys Creek Airport Debate

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361391While debate around the proposed construction of a second Airport at Badgerys Creek continues Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun and Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone have found themselves on opposing sides.
Though Mayor Mannoun has recognized that the public will be shocked about the councils choice to support the airport at this time, he believes it will have a positive impact on Western Sydney.
“To date Council’s position has been to oppose any proposal to build an airport at Badgerys Creek however Council has reassessed its position based on the widespread community support for the airport,” said Mayor Mannoun.
“The phone survey findings indicated that approximately 60 per cent of Liverpool residents surveyed support a second airport for Sydney and almost 55 per cent support Badgerys Creek as the location.”
But Mayor Carbone believes that the phone interviews and focus groups used by the Liverpool Council to gauge community opinion were not comprehensive enough.
Eager to get to know the opinion of Fairfield residents, Mayor Carbone continues to urge the government to provide Fairfield Council with the economic and environmental facts need to truly inform the people of Fairfield.

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