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download (2)Each year the Casula Powerhouse blow both parents and kids away with their school holiday program that aims to give young people and children a place to learn as well as parents a place to relax and take time for them selves.
This year is no different and will include a number of costume themed workshops as well as Thai-Chi and much more for Mum and Dad.
I spoke to program facilitator Anney all about the fun ways they are keeping kids busy into the new year.

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Monday 13 January
Shiny Shrine
10am – 12pm
Build and bedazzle a glorious shrine to something you adore. You will need to bring your most beloved doll, action figure or celebrity photo from home in order to create a customised display for them in this glorious workshop. Facilitators: Lleah Smith

Royal Indian Jewels
1pm – 3pm
Transform yourself into an Indian royal or Bollywood dancer for a day. Using beads, bells and baubles you will create your very own Indian inspired jewellery, including headpiece, necklace, anklet or bracelet. Facilitators: Lleah Smith

Tuesday 14 January
Clay Crabs
10am – 12pm
1pm – 3pm
Join the Clay House for a series of summer beach-themed workshops these school holidays. In this class, you will be snapping your claws to make some friendly crab pets. Facilitator: Selma Fida

Cut, Copy, Paste, Zine Workshop
10am – 12pm | Ages 6-11
1pm – 3pm | Ages 12+
Calling all underground poets, artists and budding revolutionaries! Start your own D.I.Y magazine empire in this hands-on Zine workshop. Learn about Zines and how to create, publish and distribute them. Facilitators: Jeremy Staples and Elouise Quinlivan

Tuesday 14 January is also Pre-schooler Day (PD)!
Pre-schoolers won’t miss out this school holidays! Today we have activities especially for pre-schoolers and parents to do together. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. For kids 3 – 5 years old. $5 per child, per workshop. Facilitator: Kahee Song

Bubble Painting (PD)
10.10am – 11am
Have fun blowing and popping some bubbles in order to create colourful underwater effects onto paper.

Mini 3D Fruit Shop (PD)
11.10am – 12pm
Make a 3D fruit stand to start your own fruit market.

Make Your Own Bunting (PD)
1.10pm – 2pm
Create a decorative hanging banner that will add some festive colour to any play area.

Pencil Case Decorating (PD)
2.10pm – 3pm
Personalise your own pencil case and make it stand out from the crowd when you go to school.

Wednesday 15 January
Wild Animal Totems
10am – 12pm
Find your inner spirit animal and discover its special powers. Design and embellish your own animal guide to take care of you whenever you need help.
Facilitators: Lleah Smith and James Gatt

Party Maracas
1pm – 3pm
Be the life of the party by making some festive musical instruments. Turn simple kitchen materials into exotic noise makers and start a conga line anywhere, anytime.
Facilitators: Lleah Smith and James Gatt

Thursday 16 January
Felt Tip Tie-Dye
10am – 12pm
Get groovy and learn an alternative way to tie-dye clothing using felt tip markers. You will be colouring a plain white t-shirt with psychedelic rainbow water marks.
Facilitator: Cat Tumbel

Tutti Frutti Hats
1pm – 3pm
Make a fruity hat inspired by Carmen Miranda in this workshop. Your friends and family will cry “Ay caramba!” with happiness when they see you wearing a tropical fruit salad on your head! Facilitator: Cat Tumbel

Friday 17 January
Astronomical Astronauts
10am – 12pm
Launch your astronaut career by making a space suit that is out of this world! Your wearable art pieces will include a customised space mask and rocket pack – perfect for jetting about the universe.

Fancy Flags
1pm – 3pm
No parade leader would be complete without their signature flag batons. Customise your own set of flags to represent and celebrate the unique being you are. Then, test-drive your arty flags in a mini victory parade – hurrah!

Monday 20 January
Folklore Masks
10am – 12pm
Discover how stories are told through the tradition of scary mask making. Glorify a brown paper bag and bring to life a vibrant mythical being from your wild imagination. Facilitator: Lisa Sammut

Tribal Jungle Vases
1pm – 3pm
Up-cycle plastic drink bottles or jars brought from home into quirky, tactile and useful containers for your pencils and paintbrushes using coloured wool and pom poms. Facilitator: Lisa Sammut

Tuesday 21 January
Terrific Terrariums
10am – 12pm
Backyard blitz a clear plastic container or glass jar into a delightful miniature ecosystem. You will need to bring your own vessel of choice to create your low-maintenance indoor oasis. Facilitator: Mechelle Barilla

Duct Tape Bag
1pm – 3pm
Craft yourself a funky and original bag using coloured duct tape. No sewing required just sticky fingers! Facilitator: Mechelle Barilla

Wednesday 22 January
Catch of the Day
10am – 12pm
1pm – 3pm
Join the Clay House again for more summery fun and make some fish in lots of weird and wonderful shapes and sizes. Facilitator: Kathie Raco

Hula Girls & Boys
10am – 12pm
Aloha tropical island dancers and jungle warriors! In this workshop, you will be making a Hawaiian poolside BBQ ensemble, complete with rainbow paper flower crown, matching lei, bracelets and “grass” skirt. Facilitator: Anney Bounpraseuth

Butterfly Wings
1pm – 3pm
Make a pair of beautiful life-sized butterfly wings and an antennae headband that will allow you to sparkle even more in the sunshine as you flutter from place to place. Facilitator: Anney Bounpraseuth

Thursday 23 January
Bake Me A Cake
10am – 12pm
Don an origami chef’s hat and learn the secret recipe for making your own coloured play dough. Make some crazy cakes with your home made dough for your play bakery or tea party. Facilitator: Linda Brescia

Magical Outdoor Lights
1pm – 3pm
Transform humble household jars into whimsical outdoor lamps. You will be decorating recycled jars from home with coloured tissue paper shapes. These will radiate beautiful stained glass shadows once lit from within. Facilitator: Linda Brescia

Friday 24 January
My Mini Island Resort
10am – 12pm
With paper prisms, cellophane and green coconut, you will be constructing your very own mini architectural eyesore that will out-kitsch any summer holiday island resort. A palm tree here and a beach hut there, the world is your oyster! Facilitator: Tom Baldwin

Pet Tipi
1pm – 3pm
Construct the most adorable tent for your family pet or favourite toy. Learn about Native American patterns and symbols and use these to beautify your one-of-a-kind pet tipi. Facilitator: Tom Baldwin