Bust a Gut For Our Girl- Miracle Babies

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images (2)Nicole and Graham Cutler have been blown away my the love and support they have been shown by the community when they found out their daughter will be born with a rare birth defect.
Nicole is a council worker for Liverpool City Council while Graham is a Detective Sargent for the Liverpool Local Area Command.
The couple dedicated themselves to raising money for the Miracle Babies Foundation after they were told their child will be born with Gastroschisis, a defect that causes the baby’s intestines, and sometimes other organs to grow outside of their body.
Miracle Babies helps purchase the equipment necessary to take care of newborns who have been born premature, ill or with birth defects as well as provide support for families.
The community has already come together to show their support to the couple who are looking forwards to the birth of their baby full of laughter and joy.
I spoke to Nicole about the Bust a Gut for Our Girl campaign the couple created to raise money for Miracle Babies.