A song of hope

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Singers and songwriters Teresa Vee and John St Peters have lent their love of song and their musical talents to the Autism Advisory Support Service (AASS).
The couple will be appearing as part The Italian Evening for Autism is at Siena Events in Wetherill Park on October 25.
Teresa and John were moved by the dedication of AASS founder Grace Flava and her desire to make people understand what life is like for someone with Autism.
Along with musician Michael Yule, John wrote “My World”, that aims to capture in music the life of a person with Austism and allow listeners to see life though their eyes.
The song is sung my John’s wife, Teresa in her various tours of Australia and is available for sale, with all funds going to the AASS.

I spoke to John last week about the moving song he wrote, his wife’s personal and tear-jerking performance and his excitement about being on stage with her at Siena Event’s Italian Evening for Austism on October 5.

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