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images (1)The See Me, Hear Me exhibit is moving, confronting and relevant.
This is not better time than now to see the art of local people who are using painting, printing, drawing and creativity of all kinds to shine a light on their experiences.
For some people the worst part of suffering with a mental illness is becoming invisible to society.
The See Me Hear Me exhibit is a raw expression of emotion that ensures that this is not the case for local people of Liverpool and Fairfeild.
I spoke with Weis Schuringa about the exhibit, when it is on, who can get involved and how we can help.

See Me, Hear Me
will be on display at Fairfield City Museum and Galley until November 16, during regular gallery hours. Entry is free. Call 9609 3993.

      1. SEE ME HEAR MEfinal - SEE ME HEAR MEfinal