Local Candidates Confirmed for Election

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The Australian Electoral Commission released the final candidate list for the upcoming Federal Election and held a random ballot to decide the order they will appear on the ballot paper.

The Senate ballot paper will be a record number of candidates causing the ballot paper to be more than one metre long and most will need a magnifying glass to read. The Liberal Democrats secured the top spot and Pauline Hanson’s One Nation getting the lost spot.

In the House of Representatives, 34 candidates have been nominated in the six electorates that cover the Fairfield-Liverpool area.

Most candidates have been campaigning for weeks, if not months.

The only missing major party candidate was in the seat of Hugues, Alison Megarrity was confirmed as the Labor party candidate. She is hoping for a political comeback after losing the seat of Menai (which covers a similar area to Hughes) in the last State Election. She also was a Liverpool Councillor before moving to State Politics.

Click here to view our seat profiles we published when the campaign was announced.

Here is a final candidate list for our local electorates, in the order they will appear on the ballot paper at the September 7th election.

Norm Taleb (Katter’s Australian Party)
Anthony Khouri (LP)
Zali Burrows (Palmer United Australia)
Jason Clare (ALP) – Sitting Member
Juliat Nasr (Christian Democratic Party)
John Ky (Greens)
Boutros Zalloua – Democratic Labour Party (DLP)

Matt Attia (Christian Democratic Party)
Benjamin Silaphet (Greens)
Darren McLean (Katter’s Australia Party)
Andrew Nguyen (LP)
Chris Hayes (ALP) – Sitting Member
Brad Pastoors (Palmer United Australia)

John Peters (Palmer United Party)
Alison Megarrity (ALP)
Peter Colsell (Christian Deomcratic Party)
Signe Westerberg (Greens)
Craig Kelly (LP) – Sitting Member

Mich Williams (Katter’s Australian Party)
Russell Matheson (LP)
Sarah Ramsay (Christian Democratic Party)
Goetz Robert Uwe Grosche (Palmer United Party)
Ian Fulton (ALP)
Partrick Darley-Jones

Ray King (LP)
Matthew Dobrincic (Palmer United Australia)
Chris Bowen (ALP) – Sitting Member
Astrid O’Neill (Greens)
Manny Poularas (Christian Democratic Party)

Laurie Ferguson (ALP) – Sitting Member
Kent Johns (Liberal Party) – Current Mayor of Sutherland Shire
Katryna Thirip (Palmer United Australia)
Daniel Griffiths (Greens)
John Ramsay (Christian Democratic Party)