Half Year Allocation & Vacancy Timeslots

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Program Vacancies:

We currently have the following timeslots available to trained presenters:

4-5 pm

11pm – 1/2am

Half-year Programming Allocation

The half-year reallocation round is now open. The Programming Committee will be considering any requests for timeslot changes and new programs.

All programs are declared vacant and are reconsidered but only minor program changes are considered during this programming round.

The process is slightly different.

If you are happy with your current timeslot:
No form is required to be submitted. We will use your previously submitted application form for this process.

You will just need to check the draft Programming Grid when it is released to ensure that your timeslot is unchanged until March 2014.

You will need to submit a new form in the New Year.

If you have more than one program – you may only be allocated one program from October. If this is the case we will contact you so you can select your preferred program.

Want a different time or submit an allocation for a new program?
We are requesting any member that wishes to in put a new programming request in or vary their existing request to update your programming request form by August 20th 2013.

Click here for an application form.

I wish to discontinue my program
Write an e-mail to office@893fm.com.au or write a letter to the station by August 20th 2013.