Election 13: Local Members & Electorates

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Click here to view the final list of candidates released by the AEC.

With just five weeks to polling day, there is more to the Election than the contest between Rudd vs Abbott, Labor vs Liberal. It is also time to elect your local MP. Currently four Labor MPs and one Liberal MP serve our local area. All are expected to re contest the September 7th election.

It is expected to be a close election making our local area (Fairfield & Liverpool) and Western Sydney a key battle ground for the two major parties. Expect lots of visits by both leaders and lots of flyers on your doorstep.

While the area has been considered traditional Labor territory – a large number of voters have switched sides in recent years with large swings to the Liberal party during the 2011 State Election and 2012 Local Government elections. Liverpool even elected their first mayor from the Liberal party.

Below we take a quick look at your local electorates with some background information and a list of expected candidates (Nominations formally close August 15th – will update the page as more information comes to hand).

Click here to find you local electorate on the Electoral Commission website.

Blaxland covers the eastern section of the Fairfield Council area with the bulk of the electorate covering Auburn and Bankstown Council areas.

Jason Clare is the current Minister for Home Affairs & Justice. He was a previous supporter of Julia Gillard but switched to Kevin Rudd in the June ballot.

Blaxland is a traditional Labor seat, it was Paul Keating’s seat when he was in parliament and the second safest Labor seat in Western Sydney with a margin of 12.2%.

Expected candidates:
Jason Clare (ALP) – Sitting Member
Anthony Khouri (LP)
Zali Burrows (Palmer United Australia)
Norm Taleb (Katter’s Australian Party)
John Ky (Greens)

Fowler covers most of the Liverpool Council area north of Hoxton Park Road and parts of Fairfield including Cabramatta and Canley Vale.

Current MP, Chris Hayes was elected at the last election after being relocated by the party from the seat of Werriwa (where he replaced Mark Latham – former Opposition Leader & Liverpool Mayor) due to changes in the electorate boundaries.

Mr Hayes is also famous for announcing the results of the leadership contests between Gillard and Rudd.

While a Safe Labor seat with an 8.8% margin, Labor suffered a large 13.8% swing against the party in the 2010 election (compared to a 2.6% swing nationally).

Expected candidates:
Chris Hayes (ALP) – Sitting Member
Andrew Nguyen (LP)
Darren McLean (Katter’s Australia Party)
Brad Pastoors (Palmer United Australia)
Benjamin Silaphet (Greens)
Matt Attia (Christian Democratic Party)

Most of the electorate falls with Sutherland and Bankstown LGAs, it contains anything east of the Liverpool CBD (including Moorebank, Chipping Norton and Holsworthy).

Current MP Craig Kelly replaced retiring Liberal MP Diana Vale at the 2010 election.

Since 1996, when John Howard won his first election – the seat switched from a traditional Labor to a traditional Liberal.

The Liberal party picked up votes at the 2010 election but it is still considered as a marginal Liberal seat with a 5.2% margin.

Expected candidates:
Craig Kelly (LP) – Sitting Member
John Peters (Palmer United Party)
Signe Westerberg (Greens)

McMahon covers most of the Fairfield Council area and parts of Holroyd Council area.

Current MP Chris Bowen, a key Kevin Rudd backer was recently promoted to Treasurer after Kevin Rudd regained the top job. Mr Bowen has represented the electorate since 2010 and prior to that the seat of Prospect since 2004 (which was abolished).

The seat first introduced in the 2010 election is considered traditionally Labor and Safe Labor seat with a margin of 7.8%.

Expected Candidates:
Chris Bowen (ALP) – Sitting Member
Ray King (LP)
Matthew Dobrincic (Palmer United Australia)
Astrid O’Neill (Greens)
Manny Poularas (Christian Democratic Party)

The bulk of this electorate is within the Campbelltown Council area but parts of Liverpool including Casula, Prestons and West Hoxton are included.

Current MP Laurie Ferguson switched electorates at the 2010 Election after his seat of Reid was effectively abolished (the name of the electorate was retained) after an electoral redistribution.

Werriwa is one of the most traditional Labor seat in the Australia. Gough Whitlam, Mark Latham and John Kerin its alumni. Labor lost the seat once in the 1930s.

It considered a Safe Labor seat with a margin of 6.8%. At the 2010 election only three candidates stood for the seat and there was a large swing against Labor at 8.3% (compared to a 2.6% swing nationally).

Expected Candidates:
Laurie Ferguson (ALP) – Sitting Member
Kent Johns (Liberal Party) – Current Mayor of Sutherland Shire
Katryna Thirip (Palmer United Australia)
Daniel Griffiths (Greens)
John Ramsay (Christian Democratic Party)