Refugee Week Event in Liverpool

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Refugee Week Logo

Refugee Week Logo

The Refugee Week Event was held in Liverpool at Macquarie Mall on Thursday, June 21. What this event tries to do is provide a setting where refugee’s are rewarded for the valuable and committed work they undertake for the community.

One of the award recipients from this year’s Refugee Week event became blind as a cause of an adversity.

However, he continued to volunteer his time teaching mathematics in the local community.

Kamal, who works for Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre, said that the main purpose for the event is to recognize the contributions refugees have made to Australia.

“Celebrate not their adversity but their contribution and their successes” Kamal said.

Liverpool and Fairfield have a high number of refugee’s living within their communities and this event has reassured these people that these communities welcome all people not matter what race, culture, ethnicity or religion.

      1. Kamal