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Television Sydney (TVS) have aimed to bring the best news and untold stories to the people of Western Sydney since it was formed.
The community television channel provides people with a chance to view life from another perspective.

Chief Executive Officer of TVS, Rachel Bentley is passionate about using the channel as a way of showing people life from another perspective and providing them with tools to pursue their dreams.

Enquiring Minds does just that by connecting young people from professionals in the fields they dream of entering.
Airing on Digital 44 at 7:30 the final episode of the show, confronts the refugee issue by bringing together a young person, a human rights advocate and a family of Malaysian refugees.

Ms Bentley said the episode will tackle the refugee question in a way that is easy to understand.

“It’s not about everyone becoming a lawyer or a doctor, it’s about being able to achieve your dream and work in a career you love through higher education.”
“Education is the key.”

In the two part interview Ms Bentley went on to discuss the show Models of Achievement, that will be showing on Tuesday, June 11.

Models of Achievement brings together the stories of 20 people who took the’ road less traveled’ to success, including three locals who have made it big through sheer determination.

One of the most moving stories is that of Michael Asharsobi from Fairfield, who came to Australia by boat as a Iranian refugee.

He spent three years in a detention center, before going on to study A Bachelor of Science in IT and is now a senior apps strategist at Google.

Ms Bentley said she hopes the show will be inspiring.
“People from all walks of life have successfully embarked upon a new career through studying at university, and those people have made amazing change,” She said.

To learn more about both TVS shows listen to Brittany’s interview with Rachel Bentley from TVS or vist wwww.enquiringminds.com.au and www.tvs.org.au

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