The Growth of Liverpool Employment Forum 2013

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Michael McQueen

Michael McQueen

The Growth of Liverpool Employment Forum aims at equipping employers and business owners with the knowledge of dealing with employment in the modern world.

Held in Casula the forum includes guest speakers including Michael McQueen. Many of Liverpool’s business owners are expected to attend the Forum on Tuesday, May 28.

Michael McQueen, former recipient of the NSW Young Business Person of the Year Award, will talk about important issues in the modern workplace.

Topics Michael will be touching on will include young people in the workplace and dealing with the perceptions and attitudes of young people.

Michael said that if small business owners do not adapt their business mentality and try to better their relationships with young people in the workplace, they will be left behind.

Michael said his research has cemented his view that young people are hard workers that need to be more effectively engaged and motivated in the workplace.

“Young people do have a lot more to offer than is often talked about in the media,” Michael McQueen said.

The Forum will be on from 7 to 10 in the morning; Mayor Ned Mannoun is expected to be one of the first speakers.

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