National Sorry Day

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National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day

National Sorry Day is a reflective event held to remember the Stolen Generation in Australia on Friday, May 24.

The Stolen Generation is the name given to Indigenous Australians who underwent trauma when they were removed from their families and culture.

The Co – Chair of the National Stolen Generation Alliance, Lily Arthur has been involved in the National Sorry Day event for years and says that it is important to remember The Stolen Generation.
Lily said an event should be held in Liverpool, as there is a large Aboriginal community which lives there.

“The South of Sydney has the second largest Aboriginal population in Regional Sydney,” Lily said.
“A very interactive area for Aboriginal people, it’s quite reasonable that we have that recognition”

Lily hopes for good weather on Friday and is positive that the event will run smoothly.
The event will start at around 10am at the Liverpool Regional Museum.

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