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We don’t always give the special women in our lives their due, but on the second Sunday of May Australians come together to honour the maternal bonds that have shaped their lives.
The origins of Mothers Day are a matter of heated debate. It is celebrated at different times throughout the world.

The First Mothers Daydownload
According to the Encyclopedia Britannica the first modern version of Mothers Day was held in 1907 by Anna Jarvis as a memorial for her mother, who was an active member of society and lobbied for Women’s health.
Within a period of only a few years Mothers Day had become a tradition of people honoring their mothers.
As the celebration began to commercialise, Anna Jarvis tried to stop the tradition she had once begun.
The modern take on Mother’s Day is only a couple of decades old. However, celebrations of femininity and motherhood date back to ancient times. Different cultures such as the Romans, Hindus, Greeks and Russians all had their own traditions and customs that celebrated and honoured women.

Mothers day in Australiadownload (1)
Mothers Day in Australia is observed on the same day as in the United States.
It began in 1923 when Janet Heyden began visiting neglected or disabled mothers in Newington State Hospital each year.
Mrs Heyden was touched by the plight of women and campaigned for a day when we honoured our mothers.
Her daughter, Thelma Little told Mrs Heyden’s story to the Australian Women’s Weekly in 1969 and said that her mother had been disappointed with the commercialism of the holiday, but believed it would do more good than harm.
After receiving letters from King Gorge VI, Queen Elizabeth II and the Countess Mountbatten of Burma, Mrs Heyden died in 1960 knowing her legacy would live on in Australia for decades to come.
Brittany spoke with Fairfield City Council’s Cheryl Bosler last week and got some help organising a special day for her mum.

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Flowers, Flowers, Flowers. download (2)
Liverpool and Fairfield are overflowing with Mothers day spirit as many people begin the process of selecting the perfect flowers to honour their Mum on Sunday.
The day was traditionally celebrated with a White Chrysanthemum worn in the lapels of men in honour of their mothers.
The owner of Zac Florists in Liverpool, George El-Zakhem said traditions haven’t changed.
In his interview with Brittany, George was more than happy to share his love of flora and his hope that every mother receives some flowers on Mothers Day.

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