A Different Time Exhibition in Liverpool

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Dr Herbert Basedow's photo

Dr Herbert Basedow’s photo

Australia in the early 1900s was a very different place to what it is presently. You can see this when visiting the ‘A Different Time’ exhibition at the Liverpool Regional Museum.

‘A Different Time’ takes us back in time to discover through Dr Basedow’s photographs, the conditions of Aboriginal people and their culture in the early 1900s.

David Kaus from the National Museum of Australia is the curator of ‘A Different Time’ exhibition. He is also an expert on Dr Herbert Basedow’s work.

David explained that Dr Basedow’s role as a humanitarian and anthropologist motivated him to become an advocate for indigenous rights at that time.

“Basedow not only took an interest in Aboriginal culture, he also tried to fight for indigenous rights aswell,” David said.
‘A Different Time’ exhibition is free and open to the public at Liverpool Regional Museum until July 13. The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

For any extra information visit the Liverpool Regional Museum website, http://liverpoolmuseum.com.au/index.php?page=Exhibitions&exhibition=17.

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