Kids learn about Science at Casula Library

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Casula Library know exactly how to make science fun.

Children from Kindgeraten to year six gathered at Casula Library to take part in the interactive science workshop run by Kiri Simon from Fizzics Education on Friday, April 26.

Fizzics Education is a travelling group of scientists and educators that run interactive work shops and science parties that aim to educate young people about the wonders of science.

Miss Simon said it aimed to teach children about different areas of science.
“Used simple toys and experiments to show kids they can work with pressure, chemistry and momentum,” Kiri said.

The children at the workshop used simple toys and objects like balloons and plastic bottles to grasp scientific concepts like pressure, force and movement.
Miss Simon said there is a great need for children to learn science.
“They need to know that science is accessible and science is relevant to their everyday lives,” Kiri said.

You can contact the Fizzics organisation about science based workshops arriving to your house, group or school at the Fizzics Education website.

Listen to Diego’s interview with Kiri Simon below.

      1. interview with Kiri Simon - interview with Kiri Simon