Ballet at Casula Powerhouse

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Brittany and Diego headed down to the Casula Powerhouse last week for their first ballet experience.

The Melbourne Ballet Company moved the audience at the Casula Powerhouse on Wednesday,April 17.

Choreographed by Simon Hoy, Infinite Space featured four parts that aimed at showcasing the skill, athleticism and physicality of ballet.

The dances were all set to classical music but featured modern techniques, sharing Hoy’s unique choreography and new approach to ballet.

He said he enjoys using dance to tell a story an individual way.

“Ballet, you learn from a very young age and it becomes a language you use to communicate with,” he said.
“My own style of choreography is very individual to me and my expression.”
“My language is the choreography that I use, so I express a message or a narrative or simply to represent the music in physical manner.”

A ballet dancer from youth, Hoy was excited to be show casing his work to an audiences filled with aspiring ballerinas.
“Learning dance instills discipline and is really is about learning how to learn, kids that learn ballet actually do better in schools,” Mr Hoy said.
“It adds another element to a child’s development, particularly ballet that is so strict in a sense but so rewarding.”

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