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The Street University is a place where young people can grow as individuals. The 2GLF Street Team, visited the Street University in Liverpool and met up with influential figures volunteering their time there.

The manager of the Street University Delise Kerehona never stops being impressed with the voulentters that make the many events Street University offer possible.

She said that it is their drive that inpires people.

“We give the youth a chance to be honourable citizens, we give them a space for artistic talents and their other talents,” she said.
“I just happen to have incredible staff which lives it every day, they love what they do”
she said.

The Street Jam a basketball competition, held on Wednesday April 10, brought together sport and creativity encouring young poeple to excerise their bodies and minds.

Ms Kerehona said making sure local youths are provided with ways to hone and express their talents is important to the Street University Team.

“Events are an important part of professional and personal growth,”she said.

Listen to our interview with the Street Uni Team below.

Check out the Street Uni Website for future events and their Facebook Page.

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