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On Wednesday April 10, Brittany and Diego got together with Liviu, Melanie, Vinh, Arda and Andy to have a chat about the Shortcuts Film Festival.

These young people are the producers, performers and film makers of the future.
The came to the 2GLF Studio to chat about their hope for local youth and the Fairfeild Arts Festival.
They said they hoped the Short Film Festival and the Fairfield Arts Festival would show the community the importance of creativity for young the future of young peole and the world as a whole.
“Empowerment through the youth itself, giving them the tools to achieve empowerment,” Arda said.
The Fairfield Arts Festival starts on Friday April 12.
The Shortcuts Film Festival is on this Saturday, April 13. It starts at 7.
Check out Melanie and Liviu’s, Mon Sans Production Company, Facebook Page.
Check out Vinh’ s filmmaking and design website.

Listen to our interview.

      1. Brittany and Diego's interview with Shortcuts artists - Brittany and Diego's interview with Shortcuts artists