Use Your Skills

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We have always said that members must have skills the rest of us are unaware of. When we moved to 161 Bigge St many of those skills came to light. We now know who can lay carpet, fix doors and carry 300 planks up the back stairs(some of us knew only too well before the lift was decommissioned how many stairs lead to our floor.)

But, there may be other skills that you have that we could put to use. A prime example happened last week. Our vacum cleaner was in need of a clean up and it was sadly sitting in the hallway. It was spotted by Dorothy and Clem, two of our new presenters. It transpired what they didn’t know about cleaners wasn’t worth mentioning. They whisked it away, replaced a couple of components, removed the plaster dust caused by the move, and test ran it….cleaning up the place to well and truly demonstrate renewed suction.

Pauline and Terry do a great job of cleaning each Friday as does Dizzy who sprints up and down the stairs with the rubbish.

It is such things that make the place tick. The Insider says a big thank you ..your endeavours are noticed.

The big jobs? Well, they take much longer. Whilst most were tucked into their beds on Monday night, Jim, Tim and Dizzy were having yet another all nighter. In order to do technical work the station had to come off air. Rather than disrupt programming they turn into night owls.

The Insider is looking for:
a sign writer
an events planner
a tagger of all things electrical
a printer
a supplier of trophy boards…….and that is just this week.