Local Footy Season Kicks Off

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Liverpool Titans

Liverpool Titans

Member of the 2GLF Street Team Diego joined Ryan and Phil presenters of the Sunday Afternoon Football show to check out their exciting work.

The first match of the season for the Liverpool Titans rugby team kicked off on Sunday, April 7. Phil and Ryan were at that match to support the local boys and call the thrilling match. Phil and Ryan present a radio program ‘Sunday Football Live’ from 2 -4 pm on Sundays on 89.3 fm. Ryan, Phil and other members of their team, call the Liverpool Titans matches at the Titans homeground Jardine Park in Casula, but also at other areas where the Titans battle it out. Diego went down the match and was pleasantly surprised to see the good response from the cheering crowd and loyal listeners.

I asked the presenters a few questions about what they were trying to achieve with the show and why they love calling the footy matches live every Sunday.

“I come down every Sunday because I love what I’m doing … we’ve got a great club and a family spirit” Ryan said.
“It a good way to engage with the community and get people down to the local footy”
“It’s important for family, friends, supporters or loved ones of the players who can’t get down here”

Listen to the guys Ryan and Phil and other members of their panel on 89.3 fm, from 2 – 4 pm every Sunday their show is called Sunday Football Live.

Support the Liverpool Titans, the local rugby league team for Liverpool.

Diego’s interview with Phil and Ryan,

      1. Phil and Ryan interview - Phil and Ryan interview