Getting ready to Bring ON! Sunday with Dinora

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Pumped for the Bring it On!Festival, Brittany chatted with the lovely Dinora who will be performing at the event.

The Bring it on! Festival is going to be bigger and better this year.

With over 140 young volunteers, the event promises to end youth week with a BANG!

The Collective, Adam Katz and Kookies and Kream are just a few of the musicians who will be inspiring young people with their music.

Skaters, capoeira and basketball performers will be appearing at the alcohol-free event to showcase their unique brands of expression.

Local singer, Dinora came into the studio to on Tuesday, April 9 to tell Brittany all about her passion for music, her excitement about the festival and her love for Youth Week.

      1. Brittany's interview with Dennora - Brittany's interview with Dennora