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The annual membership fees have been coming in. 99.9% of members who pay on line or directly into the bank account are putting their name and/or invoice number. However, we have a payment of $22 paid into our account from the CBA on 11th March 2013 with no indication who has paid it. The bank can only tell us that it was to go into 2GLF’s account. Currently, the money is in a holding account. If you paid your money last month via the CBA and have not received your receipt by post you need to bring in your receipt from the bank and we will make you a financial member.

Our last reminder about outstanding deposits for entrance keys yielded two payments. There are more outstanding invoices of longer than four months duration. As each card had a number we are able to delete that number.

New presenters are being given access and those no longer needing access will be able to hand back their access key and have a refund for their deposit.

Next week I will post a list of people who need to pay at the station in case you have lost your invoice. You may think you paid but it was overlooked.