Landlock exhibition and our chat with Rushdi

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The 2GLF Street Team met up with artist, Rushdi Anwar at Casula Powerhouse on Wednesday April 4th, to discuss his work in the Landlock exhibit.

The Landlock exhibit is being held at Casula Powerhouse from March 30 to May 12.
Exploring the relationship between Afghanistan and Australia and the influences the cultures contunie to have each other, it features many distinct artists exhibiting a number of ideas and artistic styles.
Rushdi Anwar is of Kurdish decent and will be sharing his touching work in the exhibit.
Anwar told us the art at the exhibition was not about beauty but intended to communicate the realities of war, violence and hope.
He hopes his art will inspire understanding between cultures.

Go to the Casula Powerhouse to see the Landlock exhibition between March 30 and May 12.
Also have a look at Rushdi Anwar’s website, to see his unique and interesting work on

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