admin Members Microphone

When we moved to Bigge St some members suffered drink machine withdrawal. After some discussion we decided to make our fridge a self service machine as until that time it only semed to have the odd carton of out of date milk. There was the inevitable discussion “could people be trusted to pay?” In a positive mood we decided to give it a try. One member, with great faith, funded the initial purchases in the hope of getting their money back.

So far our trust has paid off. Infact we have had self imposed drinks police asking, “Did you pay for that?”

I would like to thank everyone for embracing the system. I say everyone although I do sometimes have some interesting coins to bank. This time there was a Canadian coin, something from The United Arab Emirates and a coin that I am unable to translate so can’t say what is its origin. However, as they are all similar in size I think they were passed on as 10 cent coins. However, I am not sure about a Hong Kong coin that had a very wiggly edge and proports to be $2. A genuine mistake or perhaps a joker. It made me smile…”Nice try.”