Liverpool’s Street Uni helping out the kids

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One of 2GLF’s Street Team, Diego got in touch with Street Uni organisers Anthony and Denise to check out the important work they were doing.

The Street Uni has been busy organising workshops and programs, helping out with events and giving talented kids a space to practice their skills.
The Street University campus emerged in Liverpool from a Ted Noff’s foundation initiative to keep the youth off the streets and away from drugs.
The Uni has grown since the years they first began and has become an artistic hub for dancers, artists, painters, singers, rappers and music producers in the community.
Having a chat with Anthony Brown the Street Uni’s performance coach and organiser, there was a sense that Street Uni was making an impact in the community through the various programs they have developed.

Anthony spoke about the number of programs Street Uni is involved in, including;
• artistic programs
• dance workshops
• rapping workshops
• beat making and production
• artistic development
• graffiti programs
• performance coaching
• mental health programs
• education programs
• homework support programs
• tutoring
• food programs.

The Street Uni also provides a wide array of facilities accessible to all people including;
• a library
• dance Studio
• beat production room
• recording room
• offices
• a sports area with a basketball hoop
• a cafeteria, where people can have a free snack
• education room
• community garden.

With influential dance groups and rappers including; Justice Crew, Kookies n Kream and 6PounD, emerging from their campus, it is clear that Street Uni is successfully achieving their aim of developing the talents of young people within the community.
“Our aim is to give people an alternative way of viewing the world,” Anthony said.
“We believe young people can achieve anything”.
All of the Street Uni programs are free and open to people within and outside of the Liverpool community. Check out their website,

Listen to Diego’s interview with Anthony Brown.

      1. Interview with Anthony Brown - Interview with Anthony Brown