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Local musician L-FRESH the LION is roaring for change.

Brittany got in touch with her hip-hop side and got inspired when she caught up with L-FRESH the Lion to see what he has been up too.

L-FRESH the LION, is all about passion.
Known to his friends and family as Sukhdeep Singh, L-FRESH was born in Liverpool where he grew up and dedicated himself to helping others.
Working within Street University, being involved the Bring It On Festival and working with local people has given L-fresh a reputation for sharing his wisdom with the community.
His name, like his music, is full of symbolism.
FRESH is an acronym meaning, ‘forever rising exceeding sudden hardships’, while the lion represents his bravery and willingness to stand up for what he believes in.
And standing out is all part of L-FRESH’s plan, despite his movement into the rap world he has stayed true to his Sikh heritage.
His music captures the untold stories of a man who grew up in the western suburbs and hopes his music will make the world a better place.
He said no matter what changes for him, music is truly the love of his life.
“The love of my life is music,” he said.
“ It has to be music because that’s how I find my sense of self, It’s how I can contribute.”

The full interview and a sneak peek of L-FRESH’s song ‘Waiting’ is available below.


For more information about L-FRESH, including how you can get in contact with him click here.