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CEO of TVS, Rachel Bentley called us from the Easter Show to bring out Brittany’s inner child and tell us all about the new TVS series, Enquiring Minds.

Produced by TVS, Enquiring Minds is a child friendly documentary series that premiers tonight (Tuesday, March 23) at 7:30pm.
It aims to inspire young people of western Sydney by connecting them with professionals in the field they want to be in when they grow up.
From budding forensic scientists to animal activists, all sorts of young people were chosen to take part in the series.
One of the children chosen for the show was Green Valley’s Kurtis Deans who met Ben Densen, a university student with a passion for animals.
CEO of TVS and Project Manager and Producer of Enquiring Minds, Rachel Bentley said the series aims to give children the practical information they need to make their dreams a reality.
“Children need to be made aware, really from primary school age that there are opportunities for them,” she said.
“And that other people just like them have managed to get to university to achieve their goals.”
For the full audio with Rachel see below.

      1. Rachel TVS COMPLETE - Rachel TVS COMPLETE

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