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Group of participants get stuck into it

Group of participants get stuck into it

2GLF street team’s, Diego visited Liverpool Library to check out what was going on.

Seniors week celebrations kicked off with the Green Cleaning Workshop held at Liverpool Library on Wednesday, March 20.
Toni Salter the workshops presenter showed the folks who attended how to clean their houses the green way, without affecting the environment.
She also showed them how they could create cheap and easy cleaning products and products to relax like the oat and lavender bath bomb they could use for their baths.
Toni who is a horticulturalist by trade said that these self made products where safer to clean with than commercial cleaning products.
Toni said that the day went well and that the participants where responsive and happy to participate and learn.
“A lot of response from the participants,” she said.
Toni also explained the importance of moving away from heavy chemical based products to maintain good health.
“As we see the incidents of dementia and cancer related problems, this comes down to addressing the chemical exposure that we are giving ourselves” she said.
The participants also had fun during the course and where enthusiastic about what they learned.
“It helps the seniors save money and served as social gathering for us,” a woman said who attended the workshop.
NSW Seniors Week celebrates 55 years, this year.

For Diego’s interview with Toni Salter, click on the audio file.

      1. Toni Salter Interview - Toni Salter Interview

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