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Diego interviewing influential sports woman, Alex Blackwell.

2GLF intern Diego, took some time off from the office on Friday, March 15 and visited the Casula Powerhouse where he met Vice Captain of the Australian Women’s Cricket Team Alex Blackwell.

Casula Powerhouse hosted the ‘Women in Sport’ Forum to create awareness for the disadvantages women face when perusing sporting careers, on March 15 and 16.
Alex Blackwell, vice captain of the Australia National women’s cricket team was just one of the inspirational women who took part in the forum.
She spoke about many topics regarding the challenges of being a women in sport, including the little recognition the Australia National Women’s cricket team despite their success over recent years.
Blackwell said that she was still stigmatised by the public for being a successful sports woman, though she felt that things where changing for the better.
“Our product is not worth as much as the men’s product,” she said.
“Over the ten years I’ve been involved things have changed for the better”.
Apart from being a National cricketer, Blackwell also completed a University degree and is a Genetic Counsellor.
Blackwell said that the pay difference between male and female cricketers means she needs to be able to work to play cricket.
“I do not earn as much as the men do,” she said.

For Diego’s interview with Alex Blackwell, click on the audio link.

      1. Interview with Alex Blackwell. - Interview with Alex Blackwell.

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