Liverpool cleans up its act.

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Brittany and Diego were happy to find Mayor Ned Mannon all smiles and getting ready to get his hands dirty for his community.

On Wednesday March 13 our resident interns, Brittany and Diego hit the streets to see the people of Liverpool get their hands dirty!

VOLUNTEERS and council workers came together on Wednesday March 13 to make the streets if Liverpool sparkle.
The Liverpool City Centre Clean–Up Day was headed by Liverpool Mayor Ned Mannoun and was part of an initiate to encourage residents and shop owners to get down and dirty to keep Liverpool CBD clean.
Shirts, pamphlets and hats promoting awareness of the event and its purpose, were handed out for free.
Mr Mannoun was happy to get his hands dirty for a good cause and was seen cleaning chewing gum from the walk way.
“We want people to be proud of the CBD,” he said.
“Liverpool is a great place and we want to make it even greater!”
Mr Mannoun hopes to hold a clean up day annually.
Many of the people who attended were pleasantly surprised with the initiative.
One local man said he and his wife we thankful for the work being done.
“My wife and I are thankful for all the work being done here today,” he said.
However thankful some people were, some were simply hoping it would be a one off.
But with volunteers like Tanya Peters from St George bank, prove with an incentive anyone can make a difference.
Ms Peters, who prides herself on helping the community was excited to be involved in the day.
“We’ve got our gloves and our garbage bags and were doing are bit for the community,” she said,

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