Relocation Project – Studio 3

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Studio 2 has been built and now we are moving on to Studio 3! It will be the final stage of our relocation project that started in August 2011.

In the lead up the Grand Opening in September progress is a plenty and the builders will be in on Monday.

The building works will take about four weeks – which will mean the following:
– The breakout room will be unavailable – due to WH&S reasons as it part of the work site.
– A temporary tea, coffee, fruit and refreshment zone has been setup in the Common Area
– The singing in book relocated to the little table near the Studio 1 window
– The toilet sign is located near the sign in book

Thank you to the three musketeers who relocated the OB gear to a safe location and rearranged the studios for the building work to start.

Program will continue as normal from Studio 1.

Building work will occur weekdays and you must keep the studio door and hallway door closed at all times to ensure that you great sounding program.