Thirty minutes before and five minutes before

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This is how we switch between programs at the station to ensure a smooth operation 24 hours a day – 7 days a week….

A quick reminder to all presenters – remember you need to be at the station at least thirty minutes prior to the start of your air shift.

This has always been a program requirement. and is to ensure that you have some time to prepare, if something goes wrong on the way you can take action and ensures the next presenter is aware you are here.

If you are running late – let the on air presenter know, so they can fill in for you or start the carts.

On air presenters should always watch for calls coming through even if you do not use the telephone in your program. It important that calls coming through are answered. There have been occasions when people have tried to get through to the studio with important information, e.g. “you have a mike open/closed,” and no one has picked up.

When finishing your program you should be out of the studio chair at least three minutes before the end of the program to allow for an efficient changeover.