Promo Night & Requirements

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With the assistance of the fantastic Production Team, we will be hosting our first Promo Night. It is a great chance to get some help with your scripts and get your voice recorded for your 30 second program promo that is a new Programming requirement (see below for more details).

– All you need to do is bring along your script and your best radio voice/s.
– There will be help on hand to improve your script and we will have the second studio ready to record your voice.
– The Production Team will work their magic and you have a 30-second promo to help promote your program.

It will be held at the station on Monday February 4th from 7:30pm.

Please RSVP by contacting the office, numbers are limited but we will hold additional nights if there is sufficient demand.

Program Promo Requirements:
To help better promote our programs on the station, we have created a new requirement that all programs need to arrange for a 30-second program promo for your program.

There are three easy options to ensure that you meet this requirement:
• Jot down a script idea or some key points about your program and attend the upcoming Promo Night (see above for details).
• If you can’t make the Promo Night, include the script idea / key points in your application form (on the last page) and the Production team will arrange for someone to record it.
• DIY – Produce your own thirty second promo and note that on your application form (on the last page).
Remember you program timeslot won’t be confirmed until March.