Tis The Season

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We hope everyone is enjoying the festive season. We have made sure that someone has been at the station to let people into the building as holiday security is in operation. Some presenters have pre-recorded their programs so they can enjoy a well earned break whilst others have soldiered on live!

If you are stuck for New Year resolutions here are a few that relate to 2GLF.

I will not take the toilet key from the station.

I will bring my own pen so that I can sign in even though someone else has taken the new pen that is put out on a daily basis.

I will pick up my rubbish and take it away.

I will use the handle to open the studio door and refrain from kicking it open.

I will accept that our organisation is run by volunteers and do my bit to help.

I will not complain about the equipment when I am on air.

I will take a dose of positivity to last me the whole of 2013!