Reminder: NO food and drink in the studios

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A friendly reminder, that all food and drink is not allowed in the studios at any time.

This is why?

We were very lucky this time around but we can’t risk a next time. The station equipment is not spill resistant and any liquid can cause serious damage which will leave all of us off air and cost you a lot of money to repair!

Please make use of the breakout room – the place to eat, drink and meet responsibly.

We are currently re-installing the surveillance cameras within the studio complex for the safety of our presenters and equipment. They will detect any liquids within the studios.

We ask that all members where possible take their rubbish with them.
A bin is provided in the breakout room and if it is full, you will need to empty the bin downstairs at the back of the building in the 2GLF bin.

A clean station is a happy station : – )