Reminder – Incidental advertising

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The board resolved at a recent meeting to remind all presenters of their obligations in regards to incidental advertising material.

2GLF as a Community Station is not allowed to broadcast any reference to a product, service or organisation except in very limited circumstances.

ACMA’s sponsorship guidelines state, “Advertising material may be an ‘incidental accompaniment’ to the broadcast of other matter only if a reference to a product, service or organisation was secondary to the subject of the broadcast or occurred as a minor part of the broadcast.”

It is irrelevant if we are paid or not, a mere reference could breach the Broadcast Services Act 1992 and the presenter may face disciplinary action.

Some examples of content that may breach these rules include:
– Mentioning commercial businesses as part of a song request or in “hello” lists
– Interviews about a commercial product, service or organisation
– Regular mentions or conversations that refer to a product, service or organisation
(e.g. I get Product X from Business Y or Product X is really good at Business Y)
– Mentioning an entity or product on a regular basis
(e.g. I called in at…………….. We got together at………….)

This does not affect the following material, if they are within the Sponsorship guidelines:
– Community information and promotional material
– Station promotions
– Tagged sponsorship announcements that are less than five minutes in any one hour.

All presenters should regularly refresh their knowledge of the Codes of Practice and the ACMA’s Sponsorship Guidelines.

It is a complicated area of regulation. If in doubt, leave it out.

If you require any additional training or need advice, contact the station.