Volunteers Required – RPH Program

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We are launching our RPH program later this year for both Fairfield and Liverpool areas. RPH (also known as the Talking Newspaper) is a radio reading service for people who cannot see, handle or understand printed material.

There is a full time Sydney-wide service on 1224 AM and Digital but they do not cover any local newspapers. It is a much needed service in our area and vital to those that cannot read the hardcopy.

We are planning to broadcast the program during our Breakfast timeslots (6-7am), Thursday (for Liverpool) and Friday (for Fairfield) with selected articles from the Leader, Advance and Champion newspapers.

To make it happen, we need some volunteer readers that can commit on a regular basis (weekly, fortnight or monthly) on a Wednesday or Thursday (as that is when the papers are printed) to pre-record the program.

You will also need a clear voice and the ability to read with accuracy (without any dramatics), without comment of any kind at all, and capacity to convey the printed word in a meaningful way.

A training day will be held in early November to cover the RPH style and general voice skills.

To express your interest please contact the Office before Friday October 5th.