Nathan Bracken talks about Ocsober

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Ocsober is a fundraising initiative that encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of October. Ocsober supports Life Education and their iconic mascot Healthy Harold who, for 30 years, have been empowering Aussie Kids to make smart, healthy life choices free from the harms associated with drug misuse.

2GLF’s Peter Hines spoke to Ocsober Ambassador & Cricketer Nathan Bracken:

Both Nathan and his wife Haley are supports of the program.

Nathan and Hayley Ocstober Ambassadors

Nathan and Hayley Ocstober Ambassadors

“Help us help Life Education by sponsoring us during Ocsober. The inspiration for the both of us to do Ocsober is neatly summed up by Haley: “I have been inspired to get involved with ‘Ocsober’ as my family has had issues with alcoholism….My Nan’s brother was an alcoholic and a very good family friend died as a result of alcohol related illnesses. My tip for getting through ‘Ocsober’ is to remember you don’t have to drink to have a good time…..If you need to fit in with your friends, have a non-alcoholic drink or water (think how healthy you will feel).”