Summer Programming

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The Programming Committee has drafted our Summer programming grid (it even starting to feel like Summer) for the review of all members. Most programs are unaffected and if your program is you would have already been contacted.

Click here to view the PDF copy.

We welcome any feedback to the proposed grid by the office e-mail.

Comments should be submitted prior to September 2nd 2012 to be reviewed by the Programming Committee

The new program grid is due to start on Sunday, October 7th 2012 ´╗┐until Saturday, April 6th 2013.

Early in 2013, all programs will be required to reapply for airtime – stay tuned to your e-mails.

Program Vacancies

A big hello to all our new members that are busy training up to be on air! The good news is, we still have some vacant shifts available at the following times:

Early Breakfast – Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 5am or 6am – 7am
Mornings – Tuesday 9am – Noon
Nights – Tuesday or Thursday 11pm – 1 am or 2 am
Friday – 4-5pm
Sunday – 4-5 pm (note – our live football coverage is due back in this timeslot in March 2013)

Existing presenters are also welcome to apply but will get second preference to someone without any airtime.

Applications close September 2nd 2012 and should be e-mailed to the office e-mail.

Click here for an application form.

The timeslot will be filled until the next allocation round in March 2013.

Kind regards,
2GLF Programming Committee