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Thursday 26th July 2012

Commencing on Saturday 11th August 2012 the next round of training will be offered to new members who wish to produce a show and who need training.

Before anyone can apply for a show it is a requirement that presenters undergo 2GLF training. If you have received training elsewhere, there is a facility for recognition of prior learning, but not for panel training as all presenters need to undergo training on the 2GLF Lawo digital panels.

The training has a number of sessions held at the Liverpool City Library and in addition there will be panel training which will be organised after speaking to the attendees on the 11th August. Panel training will be held in the evening, but there may be a daytime option if warranted.

Click here for the program.

The course will allow you to develop a demonstration file/s to present to the programming committee for them to consider your suitability for airtime allocation.

If Saturdays do not suit, then you might like to attend the next course which will be held in the evenings later in the year.


Practical sessions on the panel will be held in groups at the studios.
The cost is $10 to cover room hire and training materials.
What should you do?

Email Carol at the office and indicate that you wish to attend. We ask that you only attend if you are able to complete all of the sessions.

If there are spaces we intend to open up the library sessions to other presenters who might wish a refresher – particularly for the Media Law session. If you have any questions just send me an email.

Carol North-Samardzic